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Apr 29, 2019

Tensions arise between parents and children when the struggle for POWER is at stake.  Whether you have an 18 month old or an 18 year old, the kids are always fighting for control.  Taking guidance from author Danny Silk and his book, "Loving Our Kids On Purpose," I share how Michael and I parent our children and teach them self control while trying to maintain our own.  Using the approach of giving children some power by providing two safe choices teaches them they can have control and manage themselves.  The goal is to strengthen the heart to heart connection between us and our kids, while allowing them to learn the consequences their choices have, and empowering them to be able to control themselves in the process.

Listen in to learn:

1. WHY it's important to give our children monitored control

2. WHAT it does for the parent/kid relationship

3. HOW you can implement this practice on a daily basis. 

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